Some Facts

I’m Frank, a german engineer and founder. 

Fuxlab – Founder
Research and development company to create data driven products and offering software engineering services for companies.

Addwalk – Founder
Detect clothing on images and videos to find perfect matching products out of millions. The service is used to deliver an interactive widget to publisher webpages to add an “shop the look”-feature on images and videos. At average we handled more than 50M impressions per month.

Likewalk GmbH – CTO, Founder
Likewalk is a fashion network for uploading and sharing style inspirations.

Produktivhaus – Coworking Space Münster
One of the first Coworking Spaces in Münster. We brought for three years entrepreneurial spirit into an old around 600 year old building and made the life for many of freelancers a lot more easier.